Wills and Estates

Wills and Estates

There are two things that are inevitable: Death and Taxes. Will and estate planning deals with both. A well-executed Estate Plan is important to ensure your objectives for the administration and succession of your assets. Business owners specifically benefit from estate planning approaches that take into consideration asset ownership, safe-guarding and distribution, both during life and upon death.


Powers of Attorney

There are two kinds of powers of attorney

  • A Power of Attorney for Property (also known as a General Power of Attorney) will enable the person designated in the power of attorney to look after your financial affairs  including  investments , real estate, other property, bank accounts, etc., subject to any restrictions that you elect to include in the power of attorney.
  • The second type of power of attorney is a Power of Attorney for Personal Care. This enables the designated person to make decisions regarding care and medical treatment when you are unable to do so due to incapacity.

Wills and Powers of Attorney are essential documents that every person should consider having. They should be carefully drafted and reviewed by a lawyer to avoid potential complications in an already difficult process. We encourage you to contact our office today to help you begin the process of planning for you and your family’s future.